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The concept is great - the pace is horrifying when it comes to the RNG of the tiles. Would love to see a way to pause the game or to even exit the game without having to use ALT+F4

I used a mouse on Windows, and found the concept very interesting, and I liked the puzzle aspect of determining which store the items went to, but I completely failed at finding the correct tiles quickly enough to do any good with what I worked out, which was very frustrating. I found it particularly daunting when I had worked out the correct destination for one truck, only for another to be created on a short-timeframe crash course with it when it was halfway there. I would have much preferred the option to do the exploration of labels minus the pipe/traffic/flow mechanic.

I really really liked this concept but the UI was so frustrating. I hated having to sift through the options to find the one I wanted, especially when the tiles couldn't rotate and there were multiple of the same tile on the shortlist. This was unnecessarily complex when the vague clues and managing the trucks was enough of a challenge. Maybe if the tiles were consistent, so you always knew where to find the straight or the x?

I used the cursor so perhaps a different input had a better experience.

I'm on Mac, there doesn't seem to be a way to Quit the game, especially when in full screen. Hitting ESC does nothing, and there doesn't seem to be a way to pause either. I eventually figured out R exits to the menu, but there is still no way to Quit the game entirely. I had to Alt+Tab out of it, then quit from the dock. Otherwise this was fun, though I did find some of the adjectives weren't obvious which business I should be heading to. Fun trying to figure it out!

I really like the concept, but it's a tad frustrating to play a few things that would help IMHO include...

1. A clear chime when a new truck shows up.
2. A way to speed up time. 

Love the ideas! Might have to revisit this one and add some more features :)